Mutantribe ~ Compiled & Mixed by Supercozi

• Compilatiion title:
Mutantribe ~ Compiled & Mixed by Supercozi
• Genre: Psy-chill, Bassmuusic, Psy-Glitch, Psy-Dub, Psybient
• Label: Iboga Records ( Denmark )
• Released: 2013-04-30
• Format: Digital
• Featured Tracks:
Yellow Teeth Sun / Supercozi
1000 Light Years Away / Zen Lemonade

Official Release Note by Iboga Records  : 

‘ Mutantribe mixed and compiled by Supercozi ‘  is a collection of hybrid tracks ranging in different eclectic genres as glitch, dub, psychill & bassmusic. 
Supercozi is based on Bali with her family, and from there she has used a quality number of time to collect this masterpiece, inspired with her many travels as a dj. A gathering of artist from all around the globe, forming an alternative chill out compilation for the modern listener with and exceptional twist. 
Iboga Records is very proud to have this strong compilation as a part of the catalogue.

12 tracks by: 
Dual Barrel (HR) , Tripswitch (UK), Blue Planet Corporation (FR), Hibernation (UK), Supercozi (JP), Digitalis (UK) , Gus Till (Bali) , Gaudi (UK), Kilowatts (US), Mindex (RUS), Zen Lemonade (Bali), Eastern Rebel Alliance (NZ)